Singapore New Condo Launch in 2019 at Reasonable Prices

With plenty of exciting condo launches scheduled for 2019, you might be planning of purchasing a new home or investment property, right? You can exactly find what you are looking for in property in the present time.

Once you check out new private condo launch in Singapore, you are going to be thrilled by the variety and reasonable pricing. This is your time to own a property that belongs to you and has everything for you. Lluxury is not a far cry anymore!

What should you do?

Following are a few points that you might want to consider:

Get your Space in the mid of Developments

In the mid of the developments, you can get the condos. If you are planning to settle down or you have got a bonus in your job, it is the right time to get the property for your future. Once you have a comfortable apartment or condo to live in, you would have a better lifestyle and cosy routine. You can also plan to start your family with these options in such launches. You just need to check out the options that are there for you to explore and get them.

Make Appointment to View Your Shortlisted Properties

Remember once you attend the Singapore New Condo Launch in 2019, you have to be really thoughtful about what you want and what your budget is. Instead of picking one, short list a few of the condos or properties. Once you have a list of shortlisted spaces, make sure that you make your appointment to view your eligible properties. In other words, once you have finally made a list of various types of condo projects that capture your interest, it is the time to make an appointment, to witness your shortlisted properties. You can either contact the people directly by using phone number that is given on the site or leave your name, mobile number and email address with them so they can get back to you for setting an appointment.


Go to the Show Flat

At the appointed day and time, you should go to the show flat in person so that you can get a taste of what the new property is going to look like once it is built. Always keep in mind that to visit a show-flat is not exactly the same as that of going to an actual unit. Various types of factors such as lighting and ID treatment is going to differ from the finished product, and in the absence of the creation of actual walls, otherwise overcrowded spaces might look more spacious.

Submit the Expression of Interest Form and along with Blank, Unsigned Cheque

Once you have found a unit, deposit an Expression of Interest form that is supplied by the staff at the property. Your document should be accompanied by a blank, unsigned cheque. Remember it nowhere means you have secured a unit yet. It is just an indication to the developer that you want to be invited to get a unit on launch day.

Select the Units You Wish to Buy

Simply because you have your vision established on a specific unit, it nowhere means you will necessarily get it. It is because there could be multiple buyers competing for the specific unit. It is the reason that you should shortlist numerous units you are interested in purchasing. It would be good if you take into consideration as many factors as you can, like the revelation of asking price, layout, direction the unit faces, and so on.  And finally, Turn Up on the day of the launch, attain a number and wait to be called!

You know what new private condo launch in Singapore awaits you.  Don’t forget these condos and properties also have amazing features like:

  • -          Pavilion
  • -          Gym
  • -          50m Lap Pool
  • -          Clubhouse
  • -          Aqua Gym
  • -          Dinning pavilion
  • -          Family Pool
  • -          Sanctuary pool
  • -          BBQ
  • -          Lazy Pool
  • -          Pool deck
  • -          Tennis court
  • -          Fitness corner
  • -          Bicycle parking
  • -          Retail shop


To make a conclusion, the upcoming Singapore New Condo Launch in 2019 at Reasonable Prices is a great opportunity for you. Go ahead and make the most of it. Because you deserve the best in terms of luxury, comfort, facilities, amenities and of course price.

If you are a property owner and are looking to get some cash in hand to upgrade your lifestyle or to make an investment somewhere, you can join a myriad of people who have gained financial freedom owing to realisation of their property value.

Here are some tasks that we can help you accomplish:-

  • -          Get more properties to your name
  • -          Make more money through passive income  (rental income)
  • -          Own a bigger house and lifestyle.


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